Columbus works in accordance with the "New Way of Working" principle. 
No expensive premises, hardly any overheads: this is a level of efficiency that you will truly value. Work that has been executed will be securely digitized in "the cloud." If necessary, our specialists will get together and are happy to meet you at your office or at inspiring locations, if you so desire

Columbus works on a project or fee basis.
When working on a project basis, we will draw up a budget for your project on the basis of a briefing. We will only start the project after receiving your approval. For us, a budget is the same as an invoice. A promise is a promise.

When working on a fee basis, we work for a fixed sum each month and you will periodically receive an overview of the time spent working on your projects, broken down into hours.
Depending on the activities, we will draw up the fee in consultation with you.