Een goed begin is het halve werk.
Vrijwel alle klanten werken met onderstaand briefingformulier om ons aan het werk te zetten. Sommigen gebruiken de hele lijst, anderen gebruiken het als leidraad. Het is in elk geval handig om geen zaken over het hoofd te zien.

Part A: What are we talking about (put it clear and shortly)
The client/the prospect and their marketing targets, mission statement and vision. (who are they, what is the product/service etc.)

1.The specific project
What is the assignment, target, what do you want us to make, to think about..?
Is there a discrepancy between your opinion and Columbus, in other words are there more opportunities that can make the assignment more complete?

In terms of communication, figures, what are the goals for this project?
(Awareness, action, showroomtraffic, sales, market share?)

3.Target group
(data, descriptions, socio-demographics..)

4.Most important insight
How does your target group feels or should feel about your brand, your message and product/service?
Be honest!

The promise of your product/service to your client that only can be explained in one way…

6.The proof
Tell us how this promise or proposition can be proofed

7.Brand personality
If your company or brand would be a person, which style and what tone of voice would you describe for this person?

8. Media/communication methods
With what kind of media or communication tool you would like to communicate and are there communication items that can not be used in your opinion or due to company rules?

Part B: Attachments
The more information we can get at this time, the better.
Please provide us with plenty of information that could be useful for this specific project.
Good input often leads to excellent output!

9. Additional information
Tell us about;

The subscription of the product/service, is it high standard/premium/low?

How do you compare it to competitors?

The same in pricing please.

Can you give us some data in salesnumbers/desired salesnumbers etc.

What kind of sales channels do you use? Are they successful now, in the past?

How are relationships with your clients and how often there is life contact with your clients? What communication tools do you use and do you want to share us your successtory's/failures in campaigns?

Do you see trends or important movements coming in your markets

Please give us a good indication of the budget that can be used for this project including agency costs.

Please give us a planning for concept, production and start/end of campaign/communication period.

Please provide us with as many materials, market research facts and figures of your company/product/services and if useful perhaps some competitors, too.